Where’s the Challenge Now?: Where’s Waldo addition

Finding people can be challenging. You search the crowd and look all over the place for them. You must be missing them or something! How can you not find them?!

This is the frustration we have all had when we were younger, younger and looking for this person we called Waldo.

Waldo was a man in a red and white striped shirt who gave us endless hours of entertainment trying to find him while he hid in the pages of books.

What if I told you there was a science to finding Waldo? Would you believe me? If you answered no, you maybe should rethink that conclusion.

Research was conducted on the 7 most popular Where’e Waldo books. From each of these books, the location of Waldo was  measured and plotted on a map of a book page. This map contained the 68 points of Waldo from the 7 books. What was found was that there are two 1.5 inch bands on the page that contain Waldo 53% of the time.

An experiment was conducted to see if the researched way or the normal way of looking for Waldo was better. The video is below.

To read the full article, click here


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